Market Segments

This week in Consumer Behavior we have dove into market segmentation. After reading through the course text and an Under Armour case study I have answered the assigned prompt. In the case study article, what market segments were identified and what segmentation strategies were implemented? In the Under Armour case study by Mina Saghian and... Continue Reading →


The murmur

Words are powerful everyone knows that. They can ruin a career or start one. They can elect an official or impeach one. Words can even start and stop tears. On the other hand, words can fall flat, be ignored, or swept under the rug. Ever since I became comfortable with the English language, I have... Continue Reading →

Consumer Who?

This week as a part of my coursework I have read chapter one of Consumer Behavior by Kardes, Cronley, and Cline. Moreover, I have been prompted to answer the following questions: What type of consumer are you? What influences your buying decisions, and how? Which stage actually leads to your purchasing decisions? When making a... Continue Reading →

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