The murmur

Words are powerful everyone knows that. They can ruin a career or start one. They can elect an official or impeach one. Words can even start and stop tears. On the other hand, words can fall flat, be ignored, or swept under the rug. Ever since I became comfortable with the English language, I have always spoken loud and proud with any idea that sprung to life in my head. Recently I have taken it upon myself to learn Spanish.
I can understand written Spanish enough to get through the world but having a conversation is a whole nother monster. So as I go out into the world and open my mouth to use the new words. All I can muster is a murmur. A shy, almost inaudible, frail sentence that I can’t even get onto its feet. So my belief would be that no one would pay attention. The words would fall flat on the floor and die a short painless death. As fate would have it that was not the case. Everyone drops what they are doing to gaze upon me. I felt like I must have exclaimed profanity because of their attention. I tested my theory for days in English and Spanish. The attention, the appeal, the power. People hung on my every word because they wanted to hear what I had to say, regardless of the topic.
Who knew a murmur could be so powerful?

via Daily Prompt: Murmuration


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