Green for the Environment

A brand that I believe is socially responsible is SAS. From infancy, SAS has been devoted to reinvested in their employees. The company started with M&M Wednesdays and now offers a free health clinic located on their large campus (Kaplan, 2010). The company offers flexible work hours, child care, and massage therapy. SAS has been on the Fortune’s list of Best Companies to Work For, for over 13 years, achieving the number one slot in 2010 (Kaplan, 2010).

“My chief assets drive out the gate every day. My job is to make sure they come back.” – Dr. Goodnight (Kaplan, 2010)

Outside of SAS’s treatment of employees, the company devotes many resources to environmental programs. The organization has worked to reduce its environmental footprint with long-term programs focused energy conservation. In 2015, SAS generated 3.7 million kWh of clean energy from solar systems, increased their standard paper from thirty percent recycled content to fifty percent, and reduced paper usage by sixteen percent (“SAS,” n.d.).

SAS is a socially and ethically responsible company because the organization works hard to promote healthy, supportive environments for their employees. Moreover, the company works hard to reduce their negative impact on the planet. Also, to my knowledge, the company has never been involved in any incidents in which they were accused of not conducting business in an ethical or socially responsible manner.

I feel the company is “green” for the environment because the enormous amount of projects the company has undertaken are technically unnecessary. Moreover, initially, the projects were probably costly. M&M Wednesdays cost $71,225 in 2009 alone (Kaplan, 2010). Fortunately, SAS is a private company that doesn’t have to answer to stockholders. The CEO, Dr. Jim Goodnight, has turned down opportunities to go public because he feels it will ruin how the sanctity of the organization.

I also believe the company is green for the environment because Dr. Goodnight, has set recycling and energy conservation as priorities within the company, while also focusing on fostering loyalty and healthy environments for employees. In 2009, the annual turnover was two percent, and for the 33rd year in a row, SAS’s revenues have gone up (Kaplan, 2010). The revenue reached $2.3 billion in 2009, nearly doubling in seven years. (Kaplan, 2010).


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