Instagram Ads Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Advertising is fairly new on Instagram, especially in comparison to Facebook. In fact, the advertising on Instagram is less intrusive than it is on Facebook. In one ten minute Facebook session, I typically see 4-10 advertisements. However, on Instagram, I may see one advertisement per half hour.

On the other hand, Instagram advertisers utilize influences a lot more than Facebook advertisers. For instance, I have a friend his name is Carlos (@carlosbrandt). He has over thirty thousand followers. He has been offered free merchandise, fees, premier tickets, and more to promote different brands for set time periods. Instagram marketers realize that influencers have high engagement and their followers check in regularly.

So instead of paying for highly intrusive ads that are ignored and often annoy users, Organizations have found a way to create photographic endorsements and testimonials. The marketers can target highly engaged traffic that are within their demographics.

Ultimately the advertising experience is natural and reflective of my personal life. If I see a celebrity or a friend who’s style I like wearing a shirt or raving about a product I am instantly intrigued. I may see the occasional billboard still, but influencers are simply a less intrusive style of marketing. I choose Netflix and Amazon Prime because I do not want commercials jammed down my throat. Instagram offers that experience.


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