Green for the Environment

A brand that I believe is socially responsible is SAS. From infancy, SAS has been devoted to reinvested in their employees. The company started with M&M Wednesdays and now offers a free health clinic located on their large campus (Kaplan, 2010). The company offers flexible work hours, child care, and massage therapy. SAS has been... Continue Reading →


Top Dog Versus Underdog

Currently, Marvel is the top dog in the media while DC is the underdog. However, this wasn’t always the case. In the last decade, Marvel has rebranded and redesigned many of their characters to appeal to newer generations and to pave the way for their movie debuts. About a decade ago DC heroes, like Batman... Continue Reading →

Market Segments

This week in Consumer Behavior we have dove into market segmentation. After reading through the course text and an Under Armour case study I have answered the assigned prompt. In the case study article, what market segments were identified and what segmentation strategies were implemented? In the Under Armour case study by Mina Saghian and... Continue Reading →

Consumer Who?

This week as a part of my coursework I have read chapter one of Consumer Behavior by Kardes, Cronley, and Cline. Moreover, I have been prompted to answer the following questions: What type of consumer are you? What influences your buying decisions, and how? Which stage actually leads to your purchasing decisions? When making a... Continue Reading →

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